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Evidence Based Observations... a simple classroom observation system
designed to facilitate individually tailored teacher coaching

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Evidence Based Observations (EBO) is a service provided by Evidence Based Educational Consulting.

Summary of service

  • Training for observers in use of the system
  • An iPad Tool for performing observations
  • Storage of collected data
  • Analysis of collected data to facilitate best possible teacher coaching

Contact us at to find out how to make this system a part of your schools professional development of teachers.

The Evidence Based Observations Tool

  • Provides reliable and objective data
  • A time sample reporting process
  • The starting point of individualised coaching for a teacher
  • Improves teaching and learning

A Trained Observer Collects Data On

  • Classroom interactions
  • Cognitive levels
  • Relationships
  • Student engagement
  • Work completion

Data summaries can be viewed within the tool and a PDF copy is generated for discussion with the teacher.